Justin (jtgilmore) wrote in debate_politics,

Kim Jung Rant

Contemporary policy makers, media outlets, and even political commentators seem vastly obsessed with North Korea’s push towards nuclear arms. Fear-stricken reports rank top international news daily; as such thoughts of a nuclear-armed Korea slowly consume the consciousness of the entire body of world citizens. Calls from all sides of the political spectrum are indeed demanding action to be taken against Kim’s rouge nation. This goes without saying, that this international problem is acclaimed to be a case-specific, one which will seemingly elude all future generations after Kim’s regime is finally dismantled or unarmed. Inherently, this produces a problem which unfortunately shall perpetuate itself until resolved. In fact, the problem lies not with rough nations such as the DPRK, or even with incompetent leaders such as Kim, but rather with our world leaders and their lack of resolve to work towards real nuclear disarmament. It’s infuriating to think that even policy makers believe that the status quo will endure onward, and that only a select number of “friendly” nations will have access to such weapons in the times ahead.

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