Andrew Bilkins (person_thought) wrote in debate_politics,
Andrew Bilkins

Sad news for Americans....

Read this in the news today:

". . . North Korea has warned that it will not allow U.S. forensic experts back into the country to recover the remains of 8,000 U.S. soldiers missing from the Korean War - heart-crushing news for families waiting for the return of remains of husbands and sons from a war that ended a half century ago."

That there is a crime against humanity. Damn those evil bloodthirsty North Koreans!

Of course, the typical crypto-commie jackass (like Michael Moore), in defence of the hell-hole that is North Korea, will probably say something along the lines of, "But the US is always trying to get its personell into North Korea." Notice their anti-Americanism. The fact of the matter is, North Korea does not have the right to treat these forensics experts as potential spies who want to travel inside North Korea to plan how to attack North Korea just as CIA assets participating in the weapons inspections in Iraq had helped George Bush attack Iraq later.
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